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    The Consultation


    There are big questions on everyone's minds. Is it necessary? Are there less invasive options? What are the chances of success? What is the best procedure? How much can I expect to spend? How long is recovery?


    Please contact Dr. Allen's orthopedic associates at one of the clinics on his A-List for an initial consultation and x-rays. From there, if indicated, a pre-operative exam and same-day surgery with Dr. Allen may be scheduled.

    The A-List
    Often, an experienced second opinion can reduce much of the anxiety associated with making surgical decisions and allow you to move forward with confidence. In order to provide the best options for your animal friend, a review of the available information, including x-rays and other diagnostics from your family veterinarian, is necessary.
    Yes, we are pet guardians, too! After years of experience and thorough research, evidence shows that TPLO is the most effective form of treatment.
    Dr. Allen performs surgeries all over the greater St. Louis area. When browsing Dr. A's "A-List," all of the locations are listed in conjunction with the hospital. Feel free to take a look and find which is most convenient for you!


    why it's necessary

    • Your family vet knows your animal.

    Your primary veterinarian is familiar with your pet and has developed a trusted doctor-patient relationship with you. It's important that a vet that knows your animal's history helps you in your medical journey with your pet. Having two professional opinions is necessary when it comes to making big decisions, especially involving surgery.

    • It's more convenient for all.

    Having surgery at your local veterinary hospital is much more convenient for a busy family than traveling to a specialty clinic for some elective outpatient surgeries. It's much more comfortable to be in a hospital you are familiar with when undergoing such a process.

    Go to our TPLO FAQs if you have any other questions.